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Shaping How the World Sees Justice.

Seek the Just is a multidisciplinary digital agency that uses legal design thinking and legal marketing services to shape how the world sees justice.

We’ve married our legal and creative expertise to offer services that make the law more accessible by making it more human.


Because our clients do better business when their clients are put at the centre of their business.

This strategy – human-centric law – is a new, smarter way to do law, market legal services and grow businesses.


+ Our services

Innovative Services that Work for Good.

We work with organisations of all sizes on projects ranging from legal design consulting to corporate identity and 360° communication strategies.

Whatever the requirements, everything we do is informed by strategic thinking that connects our clients with their customers at every touchpoint.

Legal Design Consulting

We combine legal expertise with human-centered design and new technologies to create useful and engaging legal services and tools based on human needs.

Working with you, we rethink legal services (tools, products, and systems) and design them to enhance the legal experience. Every solution is legally sound and underpinned by a strategy that improves transparency and engages your clients.

We also offer training workshops that equip your team with design knowledge and techniques to innovate within your company.

Discover how legal design can help your organisation become more efficient and deliver innovative legal solutions.

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What Our Clients Say

  • Jackie Nagtegaal Law For All

    Kaiél and his team of experts are amazing! Their strategic thinking, approach to marketing and attention to detail is unparalleled. I highly recommend Seek the Just to any legal professional who is in need of marketing services.

    – Jackie Nagtegaal, LAW FOR ALL

  • Seek The Just’s insights and mindfullness of the user-experience at the nexus of technology and traditional legal practice are rooted in reality. I appreciate the openess to explore elements of design, communication, psychology in creating an experience that effectively enhances access to justice.

    – Grace Gichanga, LUMA Law


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